Don’t Spam Your Timeline

I Hate Getting SPAM in My Mailbox!

For some reason, people spam their own timelines with updates from other apps or services.  One of the worst on Twitter is the “How I did on Twitter”-bot, followed by SWARM, Klout, etc.

Why is this annoying?

For the same reason robo-calls are annoying. You are optimizing my time, but consuming my real life time.

It is a fundamentally disrespectful action. I need to consume real-life time, a very finite commodity, to enable you to optimize your life time.

I don’t expect every thing on Twitter to be smart or relevant. I expect it to be human — with all the smarts, foibles, insights, stupidities, etc — like my own.

I DO expect people to post pictures of food, drinks on weekends. I don’t expect link to white papers. I don’t necessarily care for a picture of a beer on Monday morning, although I respect your life is awesome. But I appreciate a link to white paper on Monday morning.

But not the bots.

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