The Great Surrender of Oh-14: Come Out of Shadows with Your Hands Up to The Cloud

fog surrounds

I just came back from two weeks in ASEAN countries (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia – and that was the first four days) as well as a week in Australia.

I met with many of our teams working in cloud as well as with customers. A theme emerged that actually matched some of the trends I’m seeing on the waning days of the year Oh-14.

I call it the Great Surrender.

We were not comfortable with public cloud. Policies were enacted to prevent usage of non-sanctioned infrastructure.  Eventually we built a private cloud, but it still takes six weeks to provision.

Our developers didn’t take it up.  The business had needs and they responded by developing on public clouds.

Now we have a bunch of apps that are important to the business and growing.

We need to bring our public cloud consumption under management. We have no idea if they are backed up, patched, using the proper firewall policies or if it’s legitimate use.

But we are going forward with public cloud usage. We now want to figure out how, not if.

The great surrender of Oh-14 is now at a cloud near you.

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